Would your business survive a fire? Traditional fire suppression systems can damage sensitive electronic equipment and cause your important data to be permanently lost. Most chemical systems must be custom designed and assembled on-site. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to protect your important IT infrastructure from a fire that didn't cost a fortune? What if your fire protection could scale with your infrastructure and even be moved to a new location with minimal effort and expense?

FireXOnline offers a wide variety of cost-effective solutions to simplify fire protection for servers. By putting the protection where it's needed - at the individual cabinets and racks - these fire protection systems are able to offer better protection for a lower price

For years, FireXOnline has been developing cost-effective fire protection solutions for unique situations including records rooms, historical buildings, waste disposal sites, and even the London subway. Now, companies are able to harness this experience to protect their servers and sensitive IT infrastructure from a fire. Get started by reviewing some of the fire protection systems available or contacting FireXOnline to discuss your options .